Why the Whitewashing of Mental Health Needs to Stop | Read | i-D

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Thank you Bethany Rose Lamont for including us in this awesome discussion. Give it a read! 

To speak your mental health struggles into a reality beyond yourself is scary at the best of times, but when cultural constructs of ‘who’ is worthy of emotional anguish, 'who’ is capable of feeling pain, come into play this pressure builds up to bursting point. This is the intersection of race and gender that complicates the already existing stigmas and stereotypes surrounding mental illness. We brought together four leading mental health advocates exploring these intersections: Imade Nibokun (author of Depressed While Black), Dior Vargas (People of Colour & Mental Illness photo project and White House Champion of Change for Disability Advocacy), Bassey Ikpi (creator of the Siwe Project) and Lisa Lee (co-founder of Thick Dumpling Skin) to create a conversation on family, faith, first generation angst and why the myth that mental illness is 'a white person thing’ seriously needs to stop.