What It’s Like To Be A Full-Time Nude Cam Model

Lynn’s husband Abe directed this video for BuzzFeed; she requested he ask Ashe, a professional full-time nude cam model, if she has any body image issues.

View her answer at 3:33. She also addresses it on Twitter. Surprised?

Here’s something else she had to say on instagram:

Small text, spelling/grammar/spacing errors aside, I’ve really felt I needed to address the many followers of mine who seem to still not really understand why I look the way I do. I’m not asking for medical advice on the Internet, I already have a long list of recommendations & suggestions after being so open about my health issues in the past two years. I just feel I have a responsibility to remind my followers, especially the young ones, that my body, or losing unhealthy amounts of weight in general, will not make you happier, a better person, more likeable, etc. Please be kind to yourselves and others so that our society as a whole can slowly let go of the heartache that is constantly trying to attain ‘ideal’ beauty. We’re hurting ourselves and others needlessly by upholding slim standards of accepted beauty. Thank you to all of you who have reached out to me with kind thoughts/responses to my page/to the buzzfeed video and I’m excited to get to know many of you in some way in the coming months 😊

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Note: This video is also not for everyone, it contains sexually explicit content.