What is Beauty?

Our friend Diane Mizota recently did this for Mental Fitness:

We loved what she had to say in the video, and on her blog, Spiritual Playground:

I work in a beauty and youth-obsessed business, where much of my ability to work has been in direct relation to how I look. How much I weigh. How many wrinkles I have (or don’t). I’ve struggled with my own self-esteem and confidence, and it’s taken me years to work on cultivating a loving relationship with myself. At times it has felt overwhelming, shallow, unfair, crazy-making. If I’ve learned anything from my adventures in Peru, it’s that I am a mess. A beautiful mess, but a mess nonetheless. What could I possibly share with a younger generation?
When I really stopped to think about it, it’s simple. Real beauty is so much more than physical. It’s a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, and that is something anyone can work on.
I feel the most beautiful when I am dancing. When I’m lost in music and movement, my spirit soars and I am never a more magnificent creature than in that very moment. I’m a badass, a superhero, a vamp, a unicorn…anything I can imagine. I watch in the mirror, or occasionally when someone films me, but it’s never as beautiful, glorious, perfect or whole than when I am experiencing it. It may never look the way it feels inside, but I am at peace with that. Dance makes me feel this way about myself. And that is beautiful.

Find out more about Diane here.

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