Tune In to APEX Tonight!

Look ma! We’ll be on da radio!

The two of us will be in the studio with APEX Express tonight, 7 pm - 8 pm PST on KPFA 94.1 FM, talking about Thick Dumpling Skin (turning one in just a few days) and body image. 

Radio with an API point of view. We can dig it.

Tune in, because it looks like it’ll be a really solid show featuring the following guests: 

  • Jenny Ton and Julia Rhee, co-founders of Retrofit Republic (one of our favorites), a sustainable, vintage retailer with a the intent to challenge, and expand concepts in the fashion industry, and style culture.
  • Personal trainer, Long Vo, and poet, Lorenz Mazon Damuk, to address the often overlooked struggles men experience when they look in the mirror.

Check out this powerful vid:

Lorenz Mazon Damuk; “Fat” from DE BUG on Vimeo.

Get more information here and tune in tonight!

- Lisa & Lynn