Tumblr Banning Self Harm Blogs

Thick Dumpling Skin is powered by Tumblr, so our ears perked up when we read this news on Jezebel.  

Go Tumblr for taking a stance. We’re all for freedom of speech, but not when the purpose is to promote physical harm. 

Obviously, TDS is all about positive body image and overcoming eating disorders. We want all of you to feel as comfortable in sharing your own experience. However, we do talk a lot behind the scenes when we receive posts that might place unnecessary emphasis on how much one actually weighed, how many calories one consumed, and methods one used to hurt themselves. The last thing we want is for the site’s purpose to be misconstrued and used to enforce the exact thing that we’re fighting. 

Read the full announcement release here.

What do you think? 

- Lisa & Lynn

Lisa Leetumblr