Travel Guilt

It has been almost a month since I boarded a plane in San Francisco and left for some personal time off. During my trip, I slept, wandered, and ate. Oh I ate.

I was fascinated by all the different kinds of goodies both Australia and Japan had to offer, savory or sweet. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see some of the amazing foods I encountered. Red bean paste in pretty much everything, pickled vegetables, and all different kinds of ramen, just to name a few of my favorites from Japan.

However, week two of my vacation I started to feel guilty. Real guilty. I started to feel terrible about myself. One, because I kept on putting things in my mouth that I knew were not as “healthy.” I was not eating all the different colors of the food pyramid/food board/whatever that thing is called. Two, I would eat even when I wasn’t hungry for the sake of trying new things, like the two dinners that I had the other night. Three, because I was totally and utterly out of my usual fitness routine.

Despite the fact that I would walk all day due to sight-seeing, I felt horrible about my exhausted body at the end of the day. I would think back on all the things that I ate and silently feel ashamed. It also didn’t help that a friend remarked kindly, “you haven’t been eating very healthy at all." 

… Accurate statement. 


Sea urchin croquette. How do you not try this?!

It took a few days for me to stop feeling shameful. I had to really remind myself that I am on vacation and out of my element. I admire those people who bring their running shoes with them to Egypt (ahem I brought mine too), but what I was doing was quite normal for a tourist. Of course, I miss sweating it out at yoga down the street and going for my usual jogs, but hey, I won’t be gone forever (although that sounds amazing). I’ll be back at it in due time.

I say when in Rome… 

How do you deal with travel guilt? Are there particular things that you try to do or fit into your itinerary so you can stay above it?  

- Lisa

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