The Real Bodies Manifesto: Tasi Alabastro

The Real Bodies Manifesto model profiles continue! 

“If life were a party, I’d be bringing the keg. I’m robust and my personality reflects my physical appearance. My arms are always primed for a hug, my smile is always cocked and ready to fire.”


Tasi Alabastro



How do you do good?

I feel I am making this World a better place by first making sure I take care of myself. I am determined to be happy and carry that positivity with me wherever I go, and in everything I do. In addition, I enjoy connecting passionate people to resources that can help them continue to find their voice, and to other people who value community and passionate endeavors. 

Where do you find inspiration? 

I find inspiration in the manifestation of hard work. I find it in the smiles of other hard workers who are diving into their passion. As as supporter of public transportation, I also find inspiration in watching life unfold; From music that waft through alleyways, to the zipping of a train. All of those sights and sounds inform me of a greater purpose in life. And in those moments, I find a way commune with inspiration.

What do you love the most about yourself and why? 

I love my tenacity in optimism. I love it because it is a test of faith. And faith is a process of religion –in a sense that you cultivate it. And I feel that having access to tap into a well of optimism is just another way to have a deeper sense of self.

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