The Real Bodies Manifesto Part I

Today, we launched The Real Bodies Manifesto video, which is one part of the project that we announced a few months back, if you remember. Here at TDS, we’ve been talking about this project for a while so to see it happen is a dream come true.

This project is a collaboration with our beloved friends over at Retrofit Republic and well, we’ll just let them introduce the video because what they said is perfect: 

Dear Friends, 

Too short. Too big. Too hefty. Too skinny. Too masculine. Too feminine. Too light. Too dark. And never, ever enough.

When we set out to create The Real Bodies Manifesto as a collaboration with Thick Dumpling Skin, we had one primary goal: to expand meaningful representations for our community. And, here’s what happened. 

The Real Bodies Manifesto Lookbook Video, Fall 2012 from Retrofit Republic on Vimeo.

Perfectly Imperfect

As a styling firm, we look at bodies all day and we hear and see it all. Clients ask us to conceal their imperfections, slim their body shape,  and most surprising, they apologize. They apologize for their stretch marks, scars, stomachs, chest, and for the very qualities that make them uniquely who they are.

Signature style is about embracing and highlighting your body with expressive color, texture, lines, shape, and confidence. Confidence, above all, being the most important.

Life truly is too short for unfounded apologizes and battling our bodies. Real people, put simply, have real bodies. And that realization and philosophy is certainly worth celebrating. Enjoy the video and we hope you can spread the word. 

To you- our inspiration,
Jenny, Daniel, & Julia

Life is indeed too short for unfounded apologizes and battling the very thing that sets us apart from anyone else. 

The Real Bodies Manifesto Lookbook will be making its debut first week of September. We are so proud of our models who fearlessly shared their stories, and we can’t wait for you to see it. 

P.S. Oh we’re doing a giveaway! Check out Retrofit Republic’s Facebook post for more info.