"The Plus Size Pass"

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Think women who aren’t Asian have it easy when being plus size is seen as culturally desirable?  Cece Olisa addresses this issue:

As a black woman, I sometimes feel that my body is held to an odd, hypocritical standard that is hard to understand, even thought its part of my culture. I recently lost 55 pounds, and people started warning me not to get “too skinny.” That may sound like a liberating thing to hear — but at the very same I was also hearing that it’s cute to be a “thick” girl but not a fat one. What exactly does “thick” even mean? How do I know if I’ve achieved proper thickness? Anyone else seeing the paradox?

In other words, I’m supposed to avoid getting skinny but I’m also supposed to avoid getting fat. I have to “stay thick,” but again, not fat. Oh, and my thickness has to be in the “right places,” i.e. the bust, hips and maybe the legs. A lot of the cultural pressure I feel to have a certain body is based on things that I can’t control, like my waist-to-hip ratio or how big my bum is. So maybe mother nature is holding my plus-size pass hostage. I must have pissed her off in another life.

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