The Most Common Eating Disorder in US Adults


Binge Eating Disorder. It affects an estimated 2.8 million adults (our own co-founder Lynn Chen included) and is a more common eating disorder than anorexia and bulimia combined.

Tennis Star Monica Seles is currently raising awareness about B.E.D.:

…characterized by regularly eating far more food than most people would eat in a similar time period, with binges taking place on at least a weekly basis for three months. Adults with B.E.D. feel that their eating is out of control during a binge and find binges very upsetting, among other symptoms. B.E.D. is more than overeating and, unlike other eating disorders, people with B.E.D. don’t routinely try to “undo” their excessive eating with extreme actions like purging or over-exercising. B.E.D. occurs in both men and women.

“There is a misconception that adults with B.E.D. fit a certain profile” said Monica Seles. “I felt ashamed about my binge eating for so long, and my hope is that hearing the stories of people like me, and having information about the disorder more publicly available, may help inspire other adults to get the support they need.” Seles also wrote about her experience in her book, Getting a Grip: On My Body, My Mind, My Self.

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