Sorry that we’ve been MIA. There are so many things that we’d like to share with you but sometimes, it just feels like there’s not enough time in the day! 

Anyway, I wanted to share this song by Magnetic North + Taiyo Na with you guys. I was listening to it on the ride to work this morning, and I loved T’s first verse. 

I know you often feel forgotten
in our family talking real is awkward
we don’t say I love you we say are you hungry
and when we grow up we move away across the country
it’s funny all the ways we show our love is so cold
when the world is cold enough but trust
nothing means more than the family
it rains and it pours but you’ll always have a canopy
always have a sactuary always have a place
to crash you never even have to ask
you can show up at my door with your bags all packed
and whoever broke your heart imma cap his “@$$”
I’m sorry I don’t mean to be so protective
but I’m the eldest it’s practically in my essence
what were you expecting you’re the meaning in my life
and now you no longer have to read between the lines cause

I sometimes think that everything our (immigrant) parents express to us, whether it’s trying to find us or telling us that we should lose weight, is their unique/awkward/godly awful way of showing us that they care. I know this doesn’t excuse when they might hurt us with their words, but perhaps let it be a beginning to understand where their heart is? 

Happy Monday. Thinking of you guys.

- Lisa