Snow Snow Snow

Landed in Boston and damn this snow storm is no joke. Just kidding. I’m from California and I think it’s beautiful! Freezing, yes, but beautiful nevertheless. Is it just me or do people become warmer as it gets colder? Oh and can someone teach me how to build a snowman? 

I digress…

I am looking forward to sharing the Thick Dumpling Skin story this Wednesday during the Asian American Heritage Week. I’ll be joined by Deepica Mutyala to discuss Asian American beauty standards at 6:30 pm @ Mcleod Suites. 


Got questions for me? Com’on don’t be shy. Leave them here and/or tweet at us @dumplingskin. 

See you soon! 

- Lisa 

P.S. Lynn and I also just recorded another podcast. It has been a while so thanks for your patience. We talk about dealing with the present, and we get to answer a listener/reader question. Coming soon!