Sister-to-Sister Leadership Conference

Lisa’s taking a (short) break from traveling and will be speaking locally in San Jose at the Sister-to-Sister Leadership Conference this Thursday, May 8th, thanks to the Asian American Recovery Services Inc.!


For nearly two decades, Asian American Recovery Services has provided a unique experience for young women from San Jose high schools to spend a day sharing their experiences and celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander culture. On May 8, 2014, the 19th annual SISTER-to-SISTER Leadership Conference will once again build confidence and spark inspiration for 150 young women participating in a day filled with workshops, activities, and speakers that directly address issues that affect them today.

This year’s keynote speaker will be Lisa Lee! In addition to her work as a publisher and self-proclaimed social media geek, she is the founder of Thick Dumpling Skin - a community forum dedicated to discussing body image issues and eating disorders in the Asian American community. We are honored that she is taking the time to join us, and we are excited about the positive impact she will have on this year’s participants.

“Share Your Voice” is the theme that has been chosen for this year’s conference, demonstrating a focus not only on educating participants, but on providing a platform for these young women to teach one another and to find strength in their shared experiences.

Click here to download the event brochure, which includes the participant registration form.

To complete your registration, you will also need to complete these two forms: Event Permission Form and Photo Policy Acknowledgement (click to download) You will also need to complete your school-specific permission form.

With the generous support of community members, this event has always been free of charge for the young women who participate. Every year, we receive letters that demonstrate the direct impact of the SISTER-to-SISTER shared experience - stories of increased self-esteem and empowerment, of new friendships forged between attendees who both teach and learn from one another.

Please help support this incredible experience. Every $100 gift sponsors one young woman’s full-day experience, including transportation, meals, and programming.

Click here to donate.

We would like to express our appreciation to San Jose Councilmember Xavier Campos and his staff for their support of this event.