I used to hate my legs.


Hated them.

Hated them with a passion.

I thought my calves were oddly shaped from the years of ballet that I did, and I couldn’t stand the sight of my thighs. If you remember my story, I was called a girl with “thunder thighs” by my primary school crush. That stung and obviously stayed with me well into my teenage/college years. 

Pretty much up until a few years ago, I didn’t own any shorts. Not one pair.

This all changed when I started running and training for the San Francisco half marathon, which happened two years ago. I started to appreciate my legs. I started to appreciate what they were capable of. I mean, 13 miles? That’s a hell lot of work for two legs! 

Oddly enough, I started to enjoy looking at my legs. I’d study them in the mirror and admire how muscular they are. For once, I stopped cringing when looking at my knees. They’re sure not sticks, but they’re not as bad as I remembered them to be. I also kind of fell in love with running shorts! I wanted people to see how awesome my legs were when I pounded my running route. 

That summer, I purchased my first pair of shorts in a LONG time. It was a pair of floral shorts. Now, I own at least five pairs of shorts. The weather in San Francisco has been gorgeous, which means that I wear them out on a regular basis. I admit, since I’m no longer training for a half marathon, the insecurities have crept back in a little, especially when I catch my reflection in the window at some shopping mall. But, I will never go back to the time when I hated my legs and wanted to hide them. My legs are unique to who I am, and I love them. They take me places, and they endure all that I put on them. 

Is there a part of you that you used to hate, but love now? While you think about that, I am going to do some online shopping for my next pair of shorts, especially since it’s Monday and I need my Monday remedy.

Suggestions welcome. 

- Lisa

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