See You at Listen to the Silence

On Saturday, February 2nd, I’ll be heading to Stanford University, Cubberley Building/School of Education (Address: 485 LASUEN MALL), for the Listen to the Silence Conference where my role model Helen Zia (a notable Asian American activist, journalist, lawyer, and scholar) and my good friend Phil Yu (aka Angry Asian Man) will be keynoting.

At 3:20 pm in Room #313, I’ll be doing a workshop on social media activism and using Thick Dumpling Skin as a case study on how we started the site. If you’ve ever wanted to change something that you feel strongly about, but have no idea where to start, this is the workshop for you.

Registration is FREE, and free meals will be provided to registered participants. Housing can also be provided by Stanford students, so invite all your friends and peers around the Bay Area to come. The schedule looks jam packed with a lot of good stuff, so come out, and I look forward to meeting you!

- Lisa
This year’s theme: 

Click, Connect, Engage: From Social Media to Social Justice aims to provide an avenue through which the Asian American community can better utilize social and new media to enact meaningful social change within and beyond the community through activism, grassroots mobilization, and coalition building. With a formidable online presence through user-created content and interconnected networks, Asian Americans are now considered an untapped demographic by traditional media, demonstrating both the previous invisibility as well as the current strength of the community. Yet, while the Internet has given greater visibility to the Asian American community, being seen is not enough. This year’s conference, Click, Connect, Engage, seeks to raise awareness of the different issues affecting our community and to address these issues using the resources that are right at our fingertips. We hope this conference will provide an outlet to discuss the role of Asian Americans in these online spheres and empower the community to effectively take advantage of this new frontier for social justice.
More about the conference: 

Listen to the Silence is an annual Asian American Issues Conference organized by Stanford’s Asian American Student Association (AASA). Since 1995, this conference aims to educate the community and beyond about the conditions of the Asian American community. Through various speakers, workshops, fun-shops and a research forum, LTS will provide the resources needed to inspire, educate, and empower participants to take direct action towards social justice. 


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