Reader/Listener Submission: How Will I be a Body Positive Role Model for My Child

I’ve been sitting on this email for some time now and finally getting a chance to finish it. First, I’m really enjoying the podcast. I appreciate how honest the both of you and your guests have been. It’s also AWESOME to have a podcast by and for Asian Americans. It’s so hard to find podcasts that I can relate to when it comes to overall health and wellness. 

Anyhow, I’m writing because I’ve been feeling compelled to ever since listening to the podcast.  I generally consider myself a healthy person and most folks around me also would say the same. Although I’m not as fit and strong as I once was several years ago. I was probably my fittest between 2010 - 2014. Some people considered it fit and to some I was just too thin. Back then I had a lot more time to have a consistent yoga practice and do Crossfit regularly. I’ve gained a significant amount of weight since 2014 and although it was a gradual weight gain it was noticeable. Again, some people thought it was a healthy weight gain and others had not so nice things to say even if they subtly dropped comments. Some of the comments were from family and I’ve learned to not get too worked up with that but it’s still never fun to hear. There are definitely days where I am more comfortable with the weight gain than others. I do find myself feeling nervous about seeing people I haven’t seen for a long time since the weight gain would probably be most noticeable to them. Luckily most folks were never concerned with that but it’s a process I go through in my own head.  

I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant now and boy is that another level of conversations and comments. Again, it’s wow you put on how much weight or you’re not putting on enough. I’m less concerned with the weight issue right given my priority is to have a healthy pregnancy. My biggest takeaway from this process so far is how will I be a body positive role model for my child regardless if the baby is a boy or a girl (we are waiting to find out). I want to set a good example for the kid as they grow into their own little person so that they feel confident and comfortable in handling these issues. Because the reality is that we can only control so much of the external environment and it’ll be up to us, my spouse and I, to support our child and model a positive relationship with their body.  

Thanks again for creating a space for these conversations.  

Huong | Oakland

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