Reader Thoughts on Jennifer Livingston

After we posted what WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston had to say about the mail she had received, we received Richard’s thoughts on the matter: 

Hello Lisa and Lynn,

I wanted to bring up a point regarding Jennifer Livingston and her response to the hateful email she received.  Although I do applaude her for standing up to the bullying and bringing much needed attention to the need for more compassion and empathy, her message could have been better suited if she focused on self empowerment and stronger self body images. 

I did not particularly like how she affirmed the bully’s message of her not fulfilling a standardized idea of beauty.  The take away that I saw was more of a “Please stop making me a victim” when it could very well have been “I am happy in my skin and am more than what you see.”  Her stating that she knows all too well how her body looks and she doesn’t need his hurtful words reminding her makes me cringe as I see nothing wrong with her image.  As much as I would love to see bullying come to an end, I prefer messages of self empowerment and a shift away from American's tendencies to victimize themselves. 

Granted, there is always more to the story than what is presented in a five minute clip on the internet. I do appreciate all strength it takes to stand up against injustices an enabling dialogue whenever and wherever possible.  Hopefully this is a stepping stone to more development and conversation in this image conscious field of media and in society. 

- Richard

Richard provided a very interesting perspective. As much as we agree that yes, Jennifer could’ve took a stance and said, “I love my body and I love what I look like,” our society has made it nearly impossible for her, and others, to unlearn the hatred that we have for our bodies for not looking “perfect." However, because Jennifer spoke from a place of honesty, her words came across just as powerful even though she made herself very vulnerable. What did you think of her response?

Do you agree with Richard? 

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