Re-sizing Matters

Having trouble buttoning your pants after all that Holiday eating?  Don’t worry, me too.  In fact, every year I go through this.  So now, instead of extreme exercise or dieting, I put on a larger pair of pants and try not to overeat, take a few more walks, add more greens to my plate.  Eventually, the larger pants become loose and I put them aside.  And sometimes, they don’t.  Oh well.  The last year I’ve been one size larger than the previous 4.  I’m still the same person.

Keeping clothes of different sizes around is something that has helped me get through my eating disorder struggles.  The important thing to remember is that I never am defined by the number in the label.  I hope you can remember that too.



P.S. If you’re getting a new wardrobe, check out this article by Marie Southard Ospina.