Podcast 7: Eating Recovery Day


We’re doing something a little different with this podcast episode - as part of ERC’s first ever Eating Recovery Day on May 3rd, we are answering this question: “If you could go back and talk to yourself at the beginning of your recovery journey, what would your wiser self say to your younger self?”

You can hear Lisa and Lynn talk about this question below, or by downloading the episode here.

Find out how other bloggers are responding to this question this week on their sites:

Day 1, Monday, April 25th — Karla Mosley is a NEDA Ambassador who speaks out about her recovery from an eating disorder. She’s also an actress on the TV show The Bold and the Beautiful. Karla will be writing on the NEDA blog.

Day 2, Tuesday, April 26th — Brian Cuban is an authority on body dysmorphic disorder, male eating disorders, and addiction. He is the author of Shattered Image as well as the upcoming book The Addicted Lawyer. Check out Brian’s blog here.

Day 3, Wednesday, April 27th — Nikki DuBose is Volunteer Director of Project HEAL’s Southern California chapter. In her writing and speaking engagement, Nikki talks about her experience of overcoming trauma and an eating disorder. Her upcoming memoir is titled Washed Away: From Darkness to Light. Nikki will post a blog on Project Heal’s blog and her own site.

Day 4, Thursday, April 28th — Jenni Schaefer is our very own National Recovery Advocate at ERC’s Family Institute. She is also Chair of NEDA’s Ambassadors Council and has authored the books Life Without Ed, Almost Anorexic, and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me. Jenni Schaefer will post on her blog.

Day 5, Friday, April 29th — That’s us!

Day 6, Saturday, April 30th — Megan Bartlett speaks out about her recovery from binge eating disorder. Her book is Getting Out of B.E.D.: Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder One Day at a Time. Click here to check out Megan’s blog.

Day 7, Sunday, May 1st —Nancy is the mom of an eating disorder sufferer. Through her advocacy work, Nancy raises awareness of eating disorders and provides support to families, including through her blog, Let’s Get Well Together.

Day 8, Monday, May 2nd — We will be sharing a touching true story here on the Eating Recovery Center blog as a parent of a child who is recovering from an eating disorder shares her experiences, wisdom, gratitude and love.

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