photo by @epicuyen

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My #IdealAsianBody is not a destination but a journey.

It’s easy to subscribe to the “ideal” look. I have definitely ran blindly towards that image, but slowing down and walking off that path, I’m finding fields of flowers. I can see how history blooms in and on my body. And perhaps, if I take a step back and observe, I would find that I am my own #IdealAsianBody.

As easy as it is to write that, it’s not quite the same in practice. Especially for someone living in hyphenated spaces. I feel hatred for my body more often than I do love.
They say traveling opens your mind. Maybe exploring the curves and valleys on my body can be #‎justasgood.
The healthiest way I have to cope is through writing. Have a poem about my wobbly journey with body image that accompanies the pic:

As someone who still struggles with putting my demons to rest, thank you @dumplingskin and @fightingobesity for opening this space. And also @connieklim for dope music that inspires~