On Our Radar: Mindy Kaling, Cover Women of Elle


Stoked to see Mindy Kaling, one of my celebrity crushes, featured on one of my favorite lifestyle magazines!

There’s a bit of controversy around her cover and how it looks majorly cropped compared to the other covers. Perhaps i am too moderate in my thinking, but i believe that one needs to give credit where credit is due. Despite some of the more questionable parts about the photo, i still give major props to Elle for putting an intelligent, funny, and beautiful woman of color (with a whole lot of substance) on its front page. Which other prominent magazine do you see doing this?

Yes we should be critical, but we also need to be constructive. 

Regardless though, i do agree with this sentence, because this is really how we’re going to change the status quo: “But the solution is really so simple. Give us more real women, more women with curves and women of color, and it will seem less offensive, when just one of them gets cropped.”

- Lisa


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