On Our Radar: "I'm Asian American And..."


Got this email from Valerie, who’s casting a documentary about Asian Americans:

I am producing a series for the Asian American network, MYX TV called “I’m Asian American And…”  In every episode, we are profiling someone who brings a unique aspect to the Asian American experience. Someone who is defying stereotypes - or living under the pressure of them. We’re open to any or all stories that will show a unique experience.

We’d love to profile an Asian American millennial (18-35) who is battling body issues/eating disorder and is comfortable sharing their story. We will treat the subject respectfully - and generally wish to talk about images of Asian American women, how ideals of beauty deeply affect us, etc. The commitment is a one-day shoot. 

Since we are on a micro-budget, we are looking to profile someone within 50 miles of the Los Angeles area.

I’d really appreciate if you could help the get the word out! People who are interested can email me here at: casting@thirstytigertv.com.


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