On Our Radar: Healthy is the New Skinny


Healthy is the New Skinny is a company dedicated to helping girls find their wings. HNS was created by husband and wife team Katie and Bradford Willcox. In our culture today, people are conditioned to believe their worth and greatness as individuals comes from the physical beauty they possess. We have realized that we have been sold far more than products and beauty ideals. As women, we have been sold our identity and our dreams. Our self-love has been high jacked by corporations to make a profit without us being consciously aware it was happening. HNS is dedicated to changing the game. (read more)

We first came across Healthy is the New Skinny via its incredibly popular Instagram page.   We love their message, their mission, and the fact that Katie founded Natural Model Management in LA: “Natural’s mission has been to let models be healthy and happy, while providing them with an opportunity to work as a model at their natural body shape and size.”

We also REALLY love their clothes, especially this hoodie!


Find out more about Healthy is the New Skinny on their blog, or follow them on Twitter/Facebook.