On Our Radar: Asian Men


Thanks to our friend/reader, Ann, for tipping us off on this

16 Stunning Photos That Shatter Society’s Stereotypes About Asian Men

Whatever your opinion, few can argue that these metrics are inclusive. The American beauty standard is undeniably a white standard, and people of color are bombarded with words and images that celebrate features they, as a matter of genetics, do not possess…

“We wanted to show that you don’t have to be a white person to be revered in this culture,” Idris Rheubottom, who is black, told Mic. “Any culture that’s not the majority here is seen as inferior, so it’s cool to hear people [now] talking about which guy is good-looking, not just which Asian guy.”

One could argue this objectification route fails to address a larger problem, that fixating on physical beauty can distract us from more substantive engagements with our fellow humans. However, as the photographers suggest, there’s something to be said for valorizing a group that’s traditionally been marginalized in this realm — even if its marginalization doesn’t intersect with a comprehensive range of issues.

Case in point: “I’ve always had negative self-image because of my Asian heritage,” Tony said, “even though I started out as a male model … I would not give Asian guys the time of day, nor was I attracted to them in the same way I’ve been attracted to other races.”

Body image challenges is an issue for men as well. Even though the photographs in this project don’t quite depict a variety of different sizes and shapes, the concept here is interesting to think about from a much more cerebral perspective. What makes anyone attractive? What are the dominant traits that we tend to abide by when we think about who is considered good-looking? And why?  



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