On Our Radar: Are There “Fat” Asians?

Of course, we put the F word in quotes because, as we know at Thick Dumpling Skin, “fat” is a relative term.  But here is an article written by Jennifer Chen addressing the issue:

I’m a fat Asian girl. When I told a male Caucasian friend I was writing about how fat I am, he laughed. “You know you’re not fat.” I’m not fat to Americans.
A quick Internet search for “hot Asian women” revealed this delightful article: “42 Seriously Hot Asian Women to Get You Through Monday” (you’re welcome). This photo slideshow reveals exactly what pop culture seems to think about Asian women and our bodies. We all have tiny size-two waists, slender legs, and perfectly straight hair. We’re always trying to take off our clothes. And when we sweat, we still look sexy.
Although every woman is subjected to these same stupid standards of impossibly skinny waists, busty boobs, and twig-type arms, in Asian American culture, losing weight and being skinny is tantamount to getting good grades. First-generation Asian parents are just as proud of us when we graduate from a top university as when we shed serious pounds. At five feet tall, my large runner-type calves, stocky frame, and size-eight waist are equivalent to getting an F-minus on a calculus final (which I did).

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