On Our Radar: A Year Without Mirrors

Kjerstin Gruys is a PhD Candidate at UCLA and blogged for one year about life without mirrors, six months before her wedding at A Year Without Mirrors.  We love her body positive message, and all the activities she proposes, like this group one:

1. Everyone is given paper and a pen or pencil.  If you’re feeling fancy, colored pencils, markers, and/or crayons are fun too!

2. Each person in the group draws a picture of his/her body on the piece of paper.    It doesn’t matter how realistic or artistically appealing the picture is.  This is a time to NOT be a perfectionist.

3. After drawing the picture, each person makes a list of all the things they like/love/appreciate about their body.  This “things I like” list can be infinitely long, and MUST contain at least FIVE things.  Each person can also list ONE (but not more than one) thing they don’t like about their body.

4) After 10-15 minutes of artistry and list-making, each person shows the group their picture, and explains their lists.  It’s important that each thing on the “like” list is explained, instead of just stated. (i.e., “I like my eyes because they are the same color as my mom’s eyes…”)

5. After everyone has shared, the activity is over.  Participants are encouraged to keep their picture + list, and to remember what the activity felt like.

Read more at her site - she has a book too!

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