Not Pregnant, Want Lipo

We did a post last week about Ethnicity and Plastic Surgery and asked if any of you have had cosmetic surgery or have contemplated it. Here’s one response that we received from Leilani in The Netherlands: 

I am a short and stocky queer filipina who wants to get liposuction. Ever since I was a little girl, my mother would follow me around pinching my stomach, asking constantly if I was pregnant and encouraging me to do crunches. Two years on my high school varsity gymnastics team (among other different attempts through my lifetime) couldn’t decrease my waistline. I seek liposuction not because I think of myself as fat. But because I don’t have the time and energy to construct my entire wardrobe. Because I have grown tired of the prodding questions from strangers and family alike about my supposed pregnancy.


Thanks for being so honest.  I too have always had problem areas with my stomach area - back in college we’d joke around about my “pregnancy.” It wasn’t too funny as I became of child-bearing age and was constantly being congratulated by both strangers and friends. I still have a bit of a pooch, but I’ve learned to accept it (dare I say love it?!?) and not allow its presence (or other’s comments) determine how good/bad I choose to feel about myself. Problems still exist, with or without a round tummy, and instead of focusing on plastic surgery, maybe refocus on how to talk to others (and yourself) instead?

- Lynn