NEDAwareness Week 2015

Every year, the last week of February is National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDAwareness) Week.  The theme for 2015 is: “I Had No Idea.” 

This year’s NEDAwareness week, which starts on February 22nd, will devote each of the seven days to seven different conversations in ED awareness: the role of the media and importance of media literacy, marginalized voices (challenging the idea that only certain people can have eating disorders), sports and athletes, youth and bullying, “subclicinal” populations,  the medical community, and parents. The topics will follow that order beginning with media on the 22nd and ending with parents on the 28th. On the website, there are statistics on the rates of eating disorders in the country and how quickly they’re growing. The NEDA website also features a free eating disorder screening, tool kits for peers, parents, doctors, coaches, and friends, and personal stories. We also have a great lineup of social media activities (Google Hangouts, Blog posts, Tweet Chats, oh my!) and materials with shareable images to spread the word. There will be a special #NEDAwareness Proud2BMe Tweet chat, Youth Creating Change: Body Positivity and ED Advocacy, on Wednesday, February 25th at 1PM EST.

Visit for more info, and don’t forget about the NEDA Helpline: 800-931-2237.  Also, find events in your area.