NEDAwareness Week 2014

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is going on NOW through March 1st.  The event is organized by NEDA, an organization that cofounder Lynn Chen is an Ambassador for.  In anticipation of this week, Lynn posed this question on her FaceBook: “What are things you should NEVER to say to someone else about the way they look?”  Overwhelmingly, people responded.  Here are just some reactions:

  1. When are you expecting the baby? (To women who aren’t pregnant.)
  2. You’re HUGE! (To women who ARE pregnant.)
  3. You’re thick/so thin! (Said as a compliment.)
  4. You lost so much weight, you look great! 
  5. You look healthy. 
  6. You look so much better now - you were too thin/fat before.
  7. You’ve gained/lost weight - are you stressed?
  8. Good thing your boobs are so small so they won’t sag one day.
  9. You’re going to wear Spanx with that, right?
  10. You have big feet/hands for a woman/small feet/hands for a man.
  11. You’ve eaten enough food.
  12. You’re going to eat THAT?
  13. Eat a sandwich!!!
  14. You’d be so pretty/handsome if you’d just…
  15. You look so much better with/without makeup.
  16. You look tired.
  17. You shouldn’t be surprised I’m into you - I’ve always liked big-boned women.
  18. Wow you look great! Maintenance is the hardest.

Anything to add to the list?