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Here’s another article about my keynote at Northwestern’s Body Acceptance Week by The Daily Northwestern’s Erin Bacon.

To kick off Northwestern’s Body Acceptance Week, Lisa Lee, Facebook’s former diversity program manager,spoke at Harris Hall Monday about ways Asian-Americans can develop a healthy body image.

Lee is creator of the Tumblr blog “Thick Dumpling Skin,” which focuses on issues of body acceptance in the Asian-American community. She asked an audience of about 50 people, “What are Asian girls supposed to look like?” She shared her work on this question, advocating for “active analysts” of societal norms about beauty.

“We’re still living in a society where we’re given limitations based on our gender,” Lee said. “From a young age, we’re told what’s socially acceptable and what’s not.”

Lee drew from her own experiences growing up as an Asian-American, from as early as age four when she said her parents stopped her from climbing a pole, saying “girls just don’t do that.” Growing up, she questioned why she had a different body shape than her cousins. In the three months before starting college, her mother brought her to a specialty spa in Taiwan where she lost 30 pounds drinking powdered mixes and receiving stomach massages. Within one year of school, she had gained the weight back.

To read the entire piece, click here.

Here’s also a selfie with Lizzy, one of the students who attended my keynote.


Thanks Lizzy for the picture!

I’m back in San Francisco and miss Chicago so much already.

- Lisa

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