Marvel's "Silk" Series

Curious to what our readers who are comic book fans think of this news, as reported by The Daily News:

Months after making a splash with her debut in the pages of “Amazing Spider-Man” - the product of the Eureka idea of having a second person bitten by comics’ most famous radioactive spider - Silk, aka Cindy Moon, will be the subject of a new series, the Daily News has learned.

There have been Spider-Girls and Spider-Women throughout Marvel history, but the Asian American Queens resident has been sparking conversations since her introduction earlier this year - part of the publisher’s ongoing effort to match the diversity of its readership.

The first issue will be written and drawn by Stacy Lee.  Are you excited to have an Asian American Female Superhero?  Do you feel comics set up an unrealistic body image for both men and women?  Or do you think they are just for fun - and that fantasy is the whole point?