Japanese Voices Wanted!


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I am a Belgian artist, working on the subject of our relationship with food.

I used to be obese when I was younger, and I suffered from that a lot. Now I’m working on that subject as an artist. My first work about it is “ROTTEN POTATO” series, that explores the world of eating competitions in Belgium and in the north of France. I asked myself, why those competitors make violence to their bodies, when I had to struggle with food to have a “normal” weight. I tried to expore that subject in an anthropological point of view, and without any prejudice. You can have a look at this work here if you’d like to.

Next year in February I’ll work as an artist-in-residence in Tokyo. I know about the ‘metabo law’ in Japan (asking companies to control and encourage people over 85cm/90 cm waist line to loose weight). I also know that there’s a strong peer pressure on people, especially on young ladies, to be extremely slim.

So I would like to hear the voice of Japanese people having eating disorders (overweight, anorexia, bulimia, …), or juste a little too much weight compared to Japanese “standards”… To know how they feel. I’m looking for people who agree to have a little exchange with me (by e-mail, or face-to-face in Japan) on that subject.

So, if you agree to talk about that… Please contact me!

Katherine Longly | France

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