It Was Me All Along

Andie is a longtime blogging friend of mine.  Her site, Can You Stay for Dinner, has served as delicious inspiration - both for my stomach and soul. (I know our readers will get a lot out of her weight loss posts.)  

Her TED Talk was one of the most eloquent speeches I’ve seen on the subject of dieting.

And now…she has a book!  


You’ve probably already heard about it in Marie Claire, the NY Post, or dozens of other media outlets; I am writing not only as a (virtual) friend to Andie but with a hearty endorsement to our Thick Dumpling Skin audience.  If you’ve struggled with your weight, dieting, food, size, this is a MUST READ.  

And the loveliest part is, Andie is such a brilliant writer.  You can read an excerpt from the book at Huffington Post.

- Lynn