Introducing Ashley

A few of you might have submitted questions to us in the past and may have not gotten quite satisfactory answers. We are well aware of our own limitations when it comes to providing you with detailed advice, particularly around recovery specifics. Having gone through the same struggles that some of you shared certainly don’t make us experts! so first, thank you for your patience in this regard. Second, we embarked on a journey and searched far and wide, over the mountain and under the sea, for someone great who can contribute their expertise.

Who did we find? Ashley!

Lynn and I are ecstatic to introduce her to the Thick Dumpling Skin community. Going forward, she will help to answer some of the questions and concerns that you guys might have, so continue to send those questions in.

Now keep in mind, the goal of her contribution is not to replace professional help, but to help get us on the right track.

A little more about Ashley:

Ashley Solomon received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Xavier University with a focus in administration and child and adolescent psychology. Prior to this, she received her BA in psychology and women’s studies from the University of Dayton. She completed her predoctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowships with focuses in eating disorders, trauma, older adults, and severe mental illness. Dr. Solomon’s research interests are in prevention of eating disorders and the use of media literacy in improving body dissatisfaction. She also has special interests in the use of social media in recovery. Dr. Solomon takes a holistic approach to treatment and specializes in the use of the therapeutic relationship in the change process.

Ashley lives in Chicago, where she enjoys yoga, ice cream, her cat, and blogging at

Let’s give her a warm welcome and on behalf of Ashley, we look forward to hearing from you!

- Lisa & Lynn

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