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Hi Lynn and Lisa,

Although it is Monday, I was really excited to go to work so I could tune into the latest episode of Thick Dumpling Skin! I’m the “Diana” who met Lisa at the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum 20th Anniversary Gala a few weeks ago in Washington, DC. I also wrote the iTunes review y'all discussed! 

(Sidenote: Lisa mentioned she had another podcast called “The Legacy Code.” I shared the SoundCloud link with the Diversity and Inclusion Slack channel and folks were pumped!) I love your Podcast and wish there were more episodes. Your podcast really hits home since you discuss the intersections of Asian American and feminism!

My coworker and I were talking about the various APA conferences we attended while in college one random afternoon. I told her about Thick Dumpling Skin and she mentioned that she had met Lynn at an event at Stanford Institute for Diversity in the Arts. I added that I met Lisa a few years ago at a conference called “Listen to the Silence” and at OCA’s National Convention in Washington, DC.

Anyways, after giggling about those coincidences, we were inspired to organize a mini “APAHM Film Fest” in our office. To celebrate, we ordered 200 dumplings and screened three films (“Pilgrimage,” “A Place in the Middle,” and “Cutie & The Boxer”) in our office theater. In a perfect world, we also wanted to screen “Parachute Girls” since it was also a Kickstarter project… but were in a scramble for time. (I’m looking forward to watching it if it comes to NYAFF!)

The APAHM event was great and I’m surprised we were able to convince co-workers to stick around the building on a Friday night. I’m glad we were able to do something in the office to start talking about APA identity. To think, this event all started from a conversation about Thick Dumpling Skin!

Anyways, thanks for the shout out in the podcast. I look forward to your next episode!


Thank you Sophia for your review! And thank you for listening.  

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