Have You Told Your Parents You Love Them?

I actually used the L Word pretty frequently as a kid - but as I turned into a teenager, it became harder and harder to say “I love you” to the people who wouldn’t allow me to date/drive a car, forced me to study/practice piano, and inflicted me with an earlier curfew than my friends.  As I stopped saying it to them, they stopped saying it to me.

All three of us, as adults - we just stopped.

Then my father passed away suddenly.  And I made a conscious effort to say, “I love you.”  It was weird at first - and I must admit it’s not as frequent as it was that first year after his death - but it’s such a warm, fuzzy feeling to know my mother loves me, and that she knows I love her too.

Steven Lim makes YouTube videos focusing largely on Asian-American Issues.  His latest one is entitled Asian Parents React to I Love You.

Maybe we can get Steven to do one about kids telling their parents “It’s not okay to tell me I look fat/skinny/need to lose weight or anything else about my appearance?" 

- Lynn