Happy 10th Birthday, Hyphen

Even though it’s Hyphen’s birthday, the honor here is really all ours.

Photo by Soybaby

I am happy to report that the story which helped to launch Thick Dumpling Skin, Seeking the Perfect Body, made it onto Hyphen Editor in Chief Lisa Macabasco’s list of favorite stories from the last ten years. 

Now that’s really special. 

Hyphen and its slew of amazing editors encouraged me to write my story when I didn’t think anyone would be interested in hearing about it. Back then, I wondered to myself if any of what I had to say would resonate with the rest of Asian America. 4,000 unique readers/month on Thick Dumpling Skin down the line, I now know how silly I was to have questioned it. I suppose that makes Hyphen the OG. Is that the right way of using that term, because it was the original zine to recognize the importance of discussing culture when it comes to body image issues & eating disorders? Ok I kid. But seriously, without Hyphen, there would be no Thick Dumpling Skin. Hyphen literally gave me a voice, a space, a platform, to speak bravely, and loudly, about my every day struggles. Even today.

What has changed for me since then is that now I have this place, and all of you, to know that I am not alone. 

Thank you, Hyphen, for starting this amazing journey for us. We owe you one. 

Oh, and to get real cheesy, watch my happy birthday/love letter to Hyphen.

- Lisa 

p.s. Read the rest of the favorite stories from Hyphen’s ten years here and come party with me at SOMArts if you’re in the area!

Lisa Leehyphen