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We thought that there might be other food lovers here. 

Off the Menu: Asian America is the Center for Asian American Media’s food project, a co-production with KQED for PBS. The project features a one-hour primetime special by filmmaker Grace Lee (The Grace Lee Project, American Revolutionary). The documentary, which delves into numerous stories from regions across the US, will premiere on PBS in the Fall of 2014.

The food project will be hosted on a microsite linked to the main page with blog posts, recipes, and multimedia. The central question is, What is Asian American food, and what does it mean for Americans? The website is slated to launch at the end of February, and we are currently assigning content for the website.

CAAM is seeking freelance writers, bloggers, photographers and multimedia producers for original content about Asian Americans and food. Stories should highlight an idea about Asian American food that is little known or provides a unique lens or perspective on a subject currently in the news. We are seeking strong stories from across the country, as well as transnational stories that have an Asian American focus or subject. We will not be doing restaurant reviews or focus solely on the pretty side of Asian American cuisine—but rather looking at both the bitter and the sweet, with stories that are placed in historical context (in particular, Asian American history).

Some of the content will be cross-promoted on other sites such as our partners at KQED and PBS, as well as other mainstream and independent outlets.

We are seeking pitches that fit one or more of the following themes: Race, Sustainability, Health, Family, and Justice. The pay rate for content starts at $100 and goes up to $1000 depending on the length and how much research and reporting it will take.

In your pitch, please give a brief summary of the idea, in what category it fits and any relevant background information.

-       Profiles: Q&A’s or written profiles on the movers and shakers behind Asian American food. 800-1000 words. 

-       Short Articles: 800-word stories focusing on interesting places, stories or a perspective on something currently in the news. 

-    Tips: News you can use! Advice about a certain recipe, way of cooking, or other aspect of food. For example, are you an avid gardener, chicken-raiser, or home chef? Write a post with some context, and include your best tips. You can also interview other people for their tips. 600 words.

-    Ask Your Grandma: Interview your wai po, lola, or grandpa about some aspect of your family and food - such as particular traditions that you’ve been a part of but never fully understood. Include their cooking tips, too. 600-800 words.

-       Lists: Best of-type lists with 8-10 items. We will work with you on getting photos and/or creating gifs. 

-       Features: In-depth stories about obesity, the restaurant industry, farmers, food stamp/poverty, the gender divide, for example. 1,800-2,500 words. 

-       Personal Essays: stories written from the first-person perspective touching on one or more themes. 800 words.

-       Book Reviews: reviews of new or upcoming books focusing on Asian Americans and food.

In addition, we would seek your suggestions for photo ideas and collecting recipes and tips to be featured alongside your story.

We are taking pitches on a rolling basis through next fall.

Here, we are big fans of The Center for Asian American Media. Got something to say? Pitch it to Momo Chang here:

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