I want to start a blog, managed by multiple other Asians, that shares and acts as a resource about Asian antiblackness, as well as calls out other Asians for their antiblackness.

an updated and active blog for Asians to combat our antiblackness is, I think, critically important in light of the ongoing BLM movement, recent rash of police shootings, and as we Asians figure out where we belong in the U.S. American/global racial landscape.

I’m aware that @stfuantiblackasians already exists, but it hasn’t been updated in a while (though I can’t be sure; I’m on mobile).

I’m also aware that for combatting Asian antiblackness to be effective and meaningful, this blog should also be modded by Black folks. but because of the recent traumatic violence that has torn through the Black community, I am not asking for help from Black folks at this time (unless, of course, any Black folks reading this are interested in helping out of their own volition).

So: if any Asians are interested in helping out, please reblog saying so, and/or shoot me an ask or chat!!

ps: this is OK for white people and non-Asian POC to reblog for the purpose of signal boosting

Lisa Lee