Cornell is Gorges

I really need to remind myself to stop using the word “gorgeous” out here. For a place that’s famous for its actual gorges, I’m sure people are sick of hearing that word. I am such a cheesy tourist…

This week I’m out in Ithaca, visiting Cornell and its Asian & Asian American Center as part of the AC3 After Dark Series. The goal of the series is to provide the campus community with a positive space to engage in discussions on a variety of issues that affects both students’ health and well-being.

I always love speaking to smaller groups of people and get that really intimate feeling, (not that I don’t love giving presentations and showing off my not-so-awesome PowerPoint skills). So needless to say, I’m excited about getting a good conversation going.

Some topics that I am hoping to touch on:

  • How I went from being a Facebooker during the day/publisher of Hyphen magazine at night to cofounding Thick Dumpling Skin
  • Thought process behind the creation of the site
  • Lessons learned and learning

So Thursday, April 16th, 2012
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Asian & Asian American Center at Cornell
626 Thurston Avenue, Ground Floor

For more info, click here.

See you there?

- Lisa

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