Congrats Jenny Yang!

Our good friend Jenny Yang is featured in LA Weekly as one of their People of 2015!

There’s a bit in Jenny Yang’s stand-up routine in which she lifts her shirt halfway up and juts out her belly as far as possible. She talks about how her protruding stomach can be interpreted as either a real baby or a food baby.

It’s the latter.

“Let’s just not comment on women’s bodies,” she says to a giggling crowd.

Over lunch at Baccali, her favorite Hong Kong cafe in the San Gabriel Valley, she says, “As an Asian-American woman, it’s always [about] whether or not we come off as respectable to people. I don’t want to care whether or not I come off as respectable.

"It’s very satisfying to open my body and shove it into people’s faces,” she adds, explaining her routine. “This is the thing we’re usually trying to hide [from] the public.”

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