Call for Submissions

If you heard us on APEX Express (click here to listen), you might recall Lisa talking about our upcoming partnership with NEDA. 

So here’s one simple, easy way for all of us to get involved, raise awareness, and join the discussion:

We’re doing a call for a SPECIAL set of submissions for NEDAwareness Week, which is happening between February 26th to March 3rd, 2012. 

This year’s theme is “Everybody knows Somebody.” So we’d love to see you share something with that someone.

Easy enough.

This person could be yourself, a friend, or even a stranger. You can write a letter, conjure up a haiku, or even scribble a picture. We want anything you can come up with that will give that one person encouragement and hope! 

Need some inspiration? Check out PostSecret, or dig up your diary. We all wrote to ourselves at one point in time! Oh and here are some guidelines on how to share responsibly and tips on talking to friends.

Once these submissions start to come in, we’ll be putting them up day by day during the NEDAwareness Week.

It’ll be grand. There, I said grand.

Again, anything you can think of, shoot it our way. We’ll be taking submissions up until the very last day. 

- Lisa & Lynn

Since we’re partnering up with NEDA, both NEDA and us reserve the right to use any of the submissions at our discretion. Your submission constitutes to irrevocably release the right of your submission for unrestricted use. Photos that include images of minors must include a parental release/signature.

Lisa Leeneda, NEDAwareness