Being You


It’s hard for me to believe that around the same time last year, I had so much going for me. I received a new job after working at a company for 3 ½ years that I did not enjoy and shortly thereafter I received a gift of being in a relationship for the first time. I felt as though the world was offering me so much all at once and I couldn’t have been more grateful.

However, 6 months after, as quickly as these brand new experiences became a part of my life, they quickly faded. My new job was overwhelming and stressful and to make matters worse my heart got broken simultaneously. While the job was more manageable to deal with, my broken heart took a while to heal. The person I thought I fell in love with turned out to be a person I never really knew. 

The outcome of my breakup did not help with my innate low self-esteem. I grew up with a family that upheld the importance of physical appearances and the definition of physical attraction. Physical beauty equated to a guy liking me, regardless of my personality. When I was little, my grandmother told me that I wasn’t pretty because I didn’t have double eyelids. Her mind changed when I became ill and (I guess an angel heard my prayers) the double eyelids appeared. Ever since then, I’ve always wondered why there was such an important focus on outer beauty. However, if we look at society, television, magazines, books, and newspapers splash images defining outer beauty - by your height, weight, the color of your skin, the texture of your hair, and the clothes you wear. Everywhere we go, we are constantly reminded of what society perceives as beauty.

What if we detracted our attention away from this “ideal” and defined beauty ourselves, inside and out? Can you feel lucky to look just the way you are? So what if you have blemishes on your skin or you have curves? Do those things really define who you are as a person? My response - you are much more than how you appear physically. I am a firm believer of natural beauty because what’s more important other than just being you? Wipe off all that make up, take out those hair extensions, and what is left is just you and only you. Sure if wearing make up makes you happy or buying a new skirt or shirt makes you feel good about yourself, go fot it! Just remember that even without those things, you are just as perfect. I take pride in not ever wearing make up, nor curling or straightening my hair, dye-ing my hair, or changing anything about my body. And guess what? I still have people in my life that care so much about me. So, please join me!

Anonymous | Boston | U.S.A.

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