I recently went on a family vacation to Greece. After realizing that a family vacation doesn’t just happen anymore when our parents can pack us up into a mini van and drive across America, I decided to implement a “policy” of an annual family gathering. It was fun, stressful, and incredibly introspective. 

There’s something about hot weather that makes you appreciate your body more. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t concerned with how I can cover aspects of my body since I was well… too busy sweating. And hey, everyone else flaunted their stuff without any care.  

A few days into the trip, I started to appreciate more the shape of my legs, my arms, and even the way I looked in my swimsuit. Yes, it was hot. But beyond that, I started to like the way I looked because I was happy. 

I became even more appreciative of my body when I hiked up the Acropolis in Athens, rode an ATV through the streets of Santorini, and found my way down a steep gorge in Crete. Without the strength that my body gives me, I wouldn’t have been able to make so many wonderful memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 


2013 was a rough year for many reasons, and I can genuinely say that I’m at a different place now. To feel satisfied and at peace can do so much for the way in which I see myself, so this trip reminded me, yet again, the importance of setting aside time for wellness, self love, and surrounding myself with loved ones who will be there for me unconditionally.  

As we approach the end of the year, plan in some time for yourself. Read that book that you’ve been putting off, see the movie that you’ve been wanting to see, and most importantly, remind yourself that you are one badass person who has so much to offer.


- Lisa 

Lisa Leegreece, vacation, self love