About-Face Embody Award

Did we already mention that we’re receiving an award?

A while back, Jennifer Berger reached out to us via email and introduced herself. The executive director of a really great nonprofit organization called About-Face based in San Francisco, Jennifer and I met up for lunch to talk about potential collaborations. After our fruitful gathering, life went on as usual and the next thing we know, this landed in our inbox:

Hi Lisa,

I’m not gonna lie: Part of the reason I wanted to talk with you last week is that one of my volunteers nominated you to get our Embody Award this year! Then I went and talked with my Board of Directors and they LOVE Thick Dumpling Skin and the work you are doing. 

Talk about a surprise! 

About-Face instills in young women the confidence to be who they are, to question the messages that society gives them, and to take action in their own ways. Specifically, About-Face focuses on media and body image.

To be given this award by About-Face is a huge honor and it means a lot to us. Our two entities are practically sisters!

So, on Thursday, November 21st, Lisa will receive this incredible award on behalf of Thick Dumpling Skin at The Impact Hub San Francisco at 901 Mission Street, San Francisco. If you’re able to join us, we’d love to thank you in person. In the mean time, Lisa’s going to start pondering about the acceptance speech.

For more details, go here.

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