A Goal Come True

Lynn and I are stoked to share with you all that WE ARE IN THE APRIL 2013 ISSUE OF MARIE CLAIRE! 

Yes, that Marie Claire.

It’s out, finally. We hated keeping secrets from you, especially during that mysterious trip to New York in January where Lynn and I met up for the MC photoshoot.

But, no more secrets.

We are now all yours… to pick up at your nearest newsstand!


At the beginning of the year, we were approached by Helen Coster about profiling us for “The New Change Agents” story for MC. We were pleasantly surprised, honored, and beyond thrilled. 

We emailed and texted each other back and forth in excitement, reminding each other that this was a goal of ours. People often ask us what we hope to accomplish with this site, and we’ve always said that we wanted to get Asian American body image issues and eating disorders out into the open, onto mainstream media outlets, and we want to make sure that non-Asian Americans (and Asian Americans themselves) are learning about these issues.

So at two years old, we can proudly tell you that we hit a milestone, and we hope that you’re proud of us too!

Behind the scenes post coming next, so stay tuned. Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram to get more more BTS images (@mslynnchen and @rrrlisarrr).

We’ll post the online article as soon as it’s available.

Thank you Helen Coster and MC for giving us a platform to share the work that we do. This type of coverage in the female community is so important. We want to look good, but more importantly, we want to do (and are fully capable of doing) good.

- Lisa and Lynn 

P.S. There is a minor mistake in the write up. Let us know if you find it. ;)