Yes, this is a cake made out of dumplings.  


In paying attention to our social media outlets yesterday, we completely forgot to say something about our birthday!

Three years of TDS yesterday.

Not nearly as long as the 13 years of Phil at Angry Asian Man, but it seems like only yesterday that we chatted excitedly over the phone about what would become Thick Dumpling Skin.

People often ask us what we’ve learned. Well, we learned that we still don’t have all the answers (and we probably never will, which is ok). We learned that so much of what we think about ourselves physically is rooted in control, or the absence of, and the desire to be utterly flawless. We learned that the stubbornness comes from being amongst the minority, where we’re taught by our parents/society to stand down and let our so-called perfection speak for itself.

But we also learned that unless we learn to let go, unless we re-frame the narratives for ourselves about how we’re not “worthy,” and unless we focus on developing self confidence, things will never change. 

Perhaps what makes this community unique is that we’re in it just as much as you are. This site holds us accountable to you, and more importantly, to ourselves. We will all have days that are worse than other days, but as long as we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and as long as we are honest with ourselves, there’s nothing that we can’t overcome. 

Thank you for reading and being part of our lives, for this epic past year, 2013, 2012, and more!

Lisa and Lynn